Italy (Lombardy) daily death rate: COVID-19 vs other causes

Italy death rate (per 1000 people annually) – 10.7 [source]

Lombardia population  – 10 mln [source]

If we assume that annual deaths rate in Lombardia is the same – 10.7 per 1000, then:

10.7*10000=107000 people die in Lombardia annually, or 107000/365=293 deaths daily. Lets round up it to 300.

Most people in Italy die because of ischemic heart diseases, stroke and cancer. Lower respiratory diseases is a cause of only 3% of all deaths [source]

3% of 300 = 9 deaths because of lower respiratory diseases daily.

Thus, before the COVID-19 pandemic 300 people were dying in Lombardia daily, 9 of them – because of lower respiratory diseases.

Yesterday (March 21, 2020) 546 people died in Lombardia because of COVID-19 [source]